How We Operate

We believe in creating original, beautifully lit images that put the emphasis on the story you want to tell.  Whether it is the soft curves of your baby’s face, the highlight in your senior’s eye, or the new product you would like to share with customers, a photograph can embody so much more when you choose Twisted Branch Photography.  Designing custom images involves getting to know our clients, which is why we always start the process with a consultation.

Consultations can take place at our workspace, the client’s home, office, or possible shoot location.  As on-location photographers, this allows us the opportunity to meet the “heroes” of the shoot in their own environment.  While talking and sharing ideas, we want to see if our attitude and aesthetic is on par with what you, the client is looking for and vice versa.  

No one size shoe fits all, and we like to make sure we are a good fit - because when you know, you know - and that makes for strong collaborations.  If we are not the pair for you, we will recommend another direction that might be a better fit, because there is nothing worse that being stuck in a tight oxford when all you want in a nice cushy loafer.

So don’t be shy - we would love to meet you and make something incredible.