Our Philosophy

Everything is better dressed in chocolate, and that is no less true of bananas than it is of peanut butter.  Luckily for the two of us, we agree wholeheartedly on that sentiment and can liken our philosophy to that very principle.

Give us any ingredient, and after giving the concept due love and attention we can return a delicious piece of art, for portraiture or commercial use.  Anyone care for a taste of dried mango with a dark chocolate drizzle and a hint of cayenne pepper?

That’s what Twisted Branch Photography is all about -- a classic, clean, distinctive aesthetic often with an unexpected twist.

Our unique perspective as a husband and wife team allows us to create images with a splash of understated elegance and whimsy...nothing overdone or gimmicky, just a touch of sweetness here or there.  It is our sincere desire to delight our clients with creative results as well as provide high levels of service and satisfaction.


Christopher Crawford                                                                                                      Photographer/Owner                                                                                                         Graduate of Hallmark Institute of Photography                                                                 Member of the APA - Pacific Northwest Chapter

Maria Crawford                                                                                                                                  Art Director/Owner                                                                                                                   Writer, Mixed Media Artist,                                                                                                               Designer, & Prop Stylist